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Cleo came into care heavily pregnant. We believe she must have got pregnant in her fist heat cycle as she was aroud 6 months old when taken into care. She came into care tiny, scared and full of kittens. All while only being a kitten herself. Cleo was timid at first and took time to win her over. What didnt take time was how friendly she was with my female cat. She purred and went strtaight upto her to make friends. Having another cat around makes her more confident and brings out her sweet nature. She is a big fan of roast chicken and is a good way to build that initial bond and trust. Not a fan of being picked up she prefers to sit next to or behind her people on the couch and enjoys the company. She enjoys a good ear or back scratch and playing with toys or her kittens,

Cleo has been around kids, cats and dogs and has been friendly with all. She is firm in her boundaries with the dog. She would suit a home with another cat to be friends with to bring out her more confident side.

Watching her blossom in care has been beautiful to watch from a shy pregnant kitten to a sweet friendly girl. She is such a special girl and cant wait for her furrever home.