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Introducing Buffy and Freddie! They are either mum and bub, or aunty and niece, we’re not quite sure. Certainly, Freddie has been with Buffy since she was born.

They are both absolute sweethearts. Freddie enjoys snuggles and will seek you out for them. She enjoys boxes, scratching boards, Christmas baubles and balls with bells in them.

Buffy is affectionate, independent, charming, and graceful. If she can’t find Freddie, she will walk around calling for her until she comes – it’s cute. They both enjoy chasing each other around when it’s time for games.

Freddie has not been around dogs before but could live with a cat friendly pooch given a slow, proper introduction. They are both best suited to a family without young children, and Freddie needs people to understand that she is a little delicate and to be treated as such. Buffy will warm to you but will need her forever family to respect her boundaries to start with.

If you think you could offer Buffy and Freddie a happily-ever-after, please apply today!

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