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Hi all.. my name is Arrow! (if you look at face carefully you'll see why!)

​I can be a shy little lady, who likes to spend the day chilling in my own little space. However, come night time I like to put my boots on and explore my foster house, I have become a lot more confident. I don't love being picked up, but when I am out exploring I love getting lots of pats and scratches and I'll make sure to let you know if you stop patting me too soon (I promise I'm super gentle and only tap very lightly if I want some extra pats). I'm pretty chatty and also brave enough to complain when I've run out of biscuits. I've recently discovered I like watching fish on YouTube!!

​I would love a home where I'm the only pet (my previous feline siblings knocked my confidence a bit) and now I need to be the only animal in my new home. I'm still building my confidence so younger kids aren't for me but I could probably learn to live with some older teens who understand I like my peace and quiet! Really I'm just looking for a home where my new family will be patient with me whilst I settle in and find my groove, do you think that's you?

Medical Notes:

Arrow suffers from a little bit of anxiety related to other animals and has some patches where hair is missing, but is growing back in slowly now she is away from other animals.