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Tiny Hilda came to the rescue after a tough life on the streets, already pregnant with her second litter of kittens. She has now raised those furbabies in the safety and comfort of a foster home and is ready to look for a new happy ever after home for herself. Hilda is a very petite girl, with huge beautiful eyes, who is understandably still wary of new people. She has come to learn to enjoy the pats and attention of her foster mum in small quantities and even, very sneakily, seeks them out from time to time. Hilda has gained much confidence and comfort from her feline boyfriend, Arnold.  ​

Arnold came to us after a tough life on the streets also and was understandably a little wary at first. He has since come to love the pampered lifestylle of domestic leisure and now laps up all the attention and snuggles that he can get. He is a big chonk of a guy but a big softie at heart. Arnold is very people friendly and loves pats, strokes and food in equal measure. Arnold has a petite and pretty girlfriend, Hilda who is a year younger. These two would make the perfect tuxedo couple to be adopted together.

Could you be their new forever home and give them the pampered lifestyle they love and deserve?