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Super sweet little Archie is ready for his new home. With his striking ginger stripes and white points, this little boy is not only good looking, but also has a great character. He has a big purr for such a small boy and relishes lap naps on the couch. He has a preference for soft blankets and 'soft' bellies which is his favourite place to curl up. He likes pats and cheek scratches, but really he just loves being close. Archie is playful but much less intense or destructive than many kittens his age and his sweet temperament would make him suitable for a home with cat savy children. Like all kittens, he loves playing with his siblings and would do well in a home with another young or friendly adult cat. He tries hard to befriend the grumpy old female cat that lives in his foster home even though she hisses at him, and was also curious about the small foster dog that lived here. He isn't the bravest little man but will stand his ground and try ward off unwanted attention from dogs with a little hiss and spat. Dogs in his new home would need to be patient to become friends.