Sage & Petra



Domestic Short Hair 


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

Ages 6-12

Teens & Up

About Us:

We go together like potato and gravy, sun and sand, chips and dip, salt and pepper, macaroni and cheese.

Sisters and brothers are strong together. We hang out, we help one another, and we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets. Will you be our big (human) sister/brother?

Petra: She’s a snuggler. Her favourite spot is on the soft blankets of her foster parents’ bed, and she loves getting pats and cuddles here. She’ll always find you at bed time and will sleep the night away with you. When you first crawl into bed though be prepared to have Petra walk her graceful paws up to your face for some snuggles. She will flop on either side of you repeatedly and keep coming back for more head bumps and cheek scratches. She has a little mew that you will hardly hear, and has been trained to tap you before getting a treat from your hand. You couldn’t find a cat much cuter then this petite miss.

Sage: You’ll probably find him under the bed at night, but he’ll be right by your side in the kitchen! A chef’s lil’ mate, he’s happy to wind through your feet when you’re at the counter, explore the cupboards in case you forgot anything, and loves a scrap or two. Very affectionate and head bumps and loves strokes in his fav place. He’s a seafood fanatic! And if his good looks and charm aren’t enough for you, Sage has the cutest waddle since his back legs are pigeon toed.

They are looking for a relaxed, chilled-out household. Other cats and dogs with calm outlook on life could soon become friends with a steady introduction. These two would prefer a child-free household as their fast movements and noises would be too much.

Medical Notes:

Sage and Petra have been exposed to cat flu.