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Rocky & Winter



Domestic Long Hair X Ragdoll


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

Ages 6-12

Teens & Up

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Bibra Lake, 6163.

About Us:

Rocky is a true gentleman who loves sleeping in the sun. He is polite when asking for food--Rocky's manners are wonderful. He does need regular brushing as he is prone to hairballs in his stomach. He is FIV+ which means that good nutrition and care is a must for him to stay well. FIV is not transmittable to humans, and Rocky can live quite well with other cats.

Rocky likes catching string, balls, and toys, but he only requires about five minutes of play. Most of the time, he sleeps quietly. He gets fed twice a day to maintain his lean figure. As Rocky has early stage renal disease, dry cat food is not recommended in his diet. He does love tuna, sardines, pork mince, turkey, and roo.

Rocky (11yo) is a lovely chap and a wonderful support for princess Winter (4yo).
He does not like dogs and is duty bound to protect his gal so will actively hunt them. Neither like the presence or noise associated with children.

Winter is a timid lady who likes to be treated like a princess. That means twice-a-day feeding, regular brushing to keep up with her stunning good looks, and nighttime pats and cuddles. She is a little shy girl, so she comes with her own cat friend Rocky, who has been her main support through much of her life.

Winter loves food of all sorts, but keeping it to two meals a day will help her to maintain her figure. Don't succumb to her outstanding vocal rendition of "Please, Human, I Need More!"

Both Rocky & Winter need to be an indoor cats. Both love balls and strings, but Winter's favourite play toy is a dangly toy. She is learning some basic food puzzles but has short attention span.

Looking for a mature household that is quiet that can give these beautiful cats the life they are accustomed to.

Medical Notes:

Spinal arthritis means Rocky is not keen to be patted near the base of his tail. Both cats have food allergies.

Rocky is FIV+, for more information click here.