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Domestic Short Hair


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

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Teens & Up

About Me:

Introducing Pandora!


Our little lady started out as a very scared, scratchy little girl. She is now a smoochy, trusting little pussy-cat. Where once we couldn't hold her without her being terrified, she now comes to us for cuddles and kisses. We love her sooo much.


We have a busy house with lots of cats, dogs, people, kids over eight visiting a lot too. Very rarely no one home here. She is getting less worried and deeply affectionate every day and happily cuddles anyone (sometimes for hours and sometimes a few minutes) she certainly has her own mind. But she rarely panics like she once would, she keeps her claws sheathed where once upon a time she would easily panic and scratch.


She's been raised indoors and we've never let her outside so she's clean and perfectly litter trained. She likes to play but snuggles for hours when she's worn out too. Oh, and she likes television. She likes to sleep on my daughters bed at night and loves to stare into my daughters eyes and pat her face gently with her paws and will also lick you.


She really needs a home she can depend on being loved, cuddled and secure and I believe she will develop into quite an important member of a family and be a  tolerant, humorous adult. She just has this air about her that makes you think she finds humans quite amusing.

Medical Notes:

Pandora's adopters will be sent a sterilisation voucher to redeem at one of our partner vet clinics once she is old enough to be sterilised.

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