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Domestic Medium Hair


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

Ages 6-12

Teens & Up

About Me:

Hello, my name is Panda.


At first I can be a little shy, but trust me its worth letting me warm up to you!


I am a young cat who still loves to play like I'm a kitten. My favourite is any kind of string or ribbon to chase and pounce on. I currently live with my foster mum and human sibling who is 5. We get along great. She likes to read me books and give me lots of scratches.


When I am really happy and content I like to flop on to my side and sprawl out and streeeeeetch really big. I have also been told I can be pretty chatty, especially around dinner time. My favourite place to sleep is the window sill. It has a great view!


I don't like other cats and I am untested with dogs or small animals. Panda was a young mum, twice! So she is very much looking forward to being the playful kitten she missed out on being and would be a great addition to almost any household!

Medical Notes:

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