Michele with two of her rat bag fosters.

Lovingly handraised around the clock.

Meet Michele
Location: Parkwood

I became an animal foster carer after Puppy Raising for both Guide Dogs WA & Assistance Dogs Australia. During that time I realised I got a lot of satisfaction working with dogs & training them to be fantastic members of the community. With so many pet dogs being surrendered due to lack of training, I thought it was time to put my talents into this area of animal welfare. Initially my fostering was 1 adult dog at a time. But unfortunately the number of homeless felines is staggering and with the onset of kitten season I was asked to help out with a mum cat & her four kittens plus a few orphans.

For the past four years I have been a high volume carer for both canines and felines simultaneously. I love working with the animals but few members of the public realise the time involved nor the financial cost incurred. A lot of people assume I am paid – by the charity or the government for the service I provide – sadly this is not the case. Over this time I realised that while caring for the animals and finding them a forever family was rewarding it was not enough.


Since 2012, I had met some other like-minded ladies who also felt there was a better way to handle this flood of animals needing help so we formed WA Pet Project. Our group not only has the rescue component but more importantly sets out to educate the general public through Dog Training, an informative website and Educational visits. By providing this service we aim to empower people to become the best owner they can be for the animals in their care and thereby, hopefully lead to less animals needing to be rehomed.

Fostering with WA Pet Project is fantastic because the health of the animals is the primary concern. If an animal is unwell a vet is consulted. No hocus pocus old wives tales to avoid spending money. Holistic approaches that are known to work are used too, so any coconut oil or fish oil tablet donations are also used. We also have a great team attitude and all the carers strive to support one another under the wonderful guidance of our amazing President who has her finger on the pulse and is wise beyond her years.


To assist me as a Foster Carer, these are the donations I often need: 

- high end food are always appreciated as most of the animals we take in are in poor condition.

- kitty litter is another consumable we rarely receive. My kitties love the clumping clay variety, especially the Allpets lavender clumping.  

- cleaning products are not often donated but would be a well used donation. Bleach, Canestan laundry rinse, Omo front loader washing powder, eucalyptus oil are all used on a daily basis. (A litter of pups can create 2-3 loads of washing per day!)

- flea & worming treatments are also well received. Spot ons like Advocate save my fingers, but quickly add up.


If you'd like to help sponsor Michele's lifesaving work, please email hello@wapetproject.com.au 


Thank you from all of us at WAPP!

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