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Small Animals


Under 5

Ages 6-12

Teens & Up

About Me:

Oh hey! Leon here! 


My foster ma told me I have to write 'bout myself today to see if there's a family that would like to adopt me and take me home forever. I mean, it's pretty cruisy here, but this forever thing sounds amazing. I always wanted a home of my own since I was found as a stray street kitten. It was a scary place out in the wild, so here's a little bit about me in hopes that we can spend forever together. 


I love food! I'm a big, fit boy and I need all the yums that I can get. Tuna must be on the top of the menu, please! I get really excited about food and I love to meet with all my cat mates in the kitchen and smooch and wind around your legs until it is served! Like the handsome stud I am, I love posing at the top of a pile of pillows. Gosh, they are comfy! I really enjoy all the luxurious things that come with an indoor life. I'd prefer to live my days inside or in a contained outdoor area so I can stay safe ... sometimes I am shy and can be a bit jumpy if I'm not sure about my surrounds. I can be quite the cuddly kid but please approach slowly, and know I will need time to settle in. After that, you better be prepared to give head and cheek rubs! 


I do need another kitty friend in my new home. He or she would always bring out the best in me. This new kitty or kitties would have to be a confident 'cause I'll bop all the shy kids on the head! My favourite friends in foster care are CJ and Mitch – could you adopt us three? That’d make my dreams come true, but I’m cool with meeting new friends. Dogs can be good mates. I'm still getting used to them so if there's a pooch that doesn't mind me learning the doggo ropes I bet we could be good friends. I've only ever lived with older humans and I think that's who I'd like to spend my time with.


So what do ya say?? Should we meet and make a life together??  

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