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About Me:

Oh hey! Leon here! My foster ma told me I have to write 'bout myself today to see if there's a family that would like to adopt me and take me home forever. I mean, it's pretty cruisy here, but this forever thing sounds amazing. I always wanted a home of my own since I was found as a stray street kitten. It was a scary place and the streets were cold, so here's a little bit about me in hopes that we can be together forever.


I love food! I'm a big, fit boy and I need all the yums that I can get. Tuna must be on the top of the menu, please! I get real excited and I love to meet with all my cat mates in the kitchen and smooch and wind around your legs until food is served! Like the handsome stud I love posing at the top of a pile of pillows. Gosh, they are comfy! I really enjoy all the luxurious things that come with an indoor life. I'd prefer to live my days inside or in a contained outdoor area so I can stay safe ... sometimes I am shy and can be a bit jumpy if I'm not sure about my surrounds. I can be quite the cuddly kid but please approach slowly, and know I will need time to settle in. After that, you better be prepared to give head and cheek rubs!


I think I'd love another kitty friend but they have to be a confident cat 'cause I'll bop all the shy kids! Dogs are cool. I'm still getting used to them so if there's a pooch that doesn't mind me learning the doggo ropes I bet we'd be good friends after awhile. I've only ever lived with older humans and I think that's who I'd like to spend my time with.


So what do ya say?? Should we meet and make a life together??

Medical Notes:

Leon has been exposed to cat flu.

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