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Domestic Short Hair


Indoor Only



Small Animals


Under 5

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About Me:

My introduction to the world was a bit rough to start with, but I was lucky enough to be rescued by my foster mum - who won me over with her promises of yummy food & lots of love. My foster mum has been looking after me for a few weeks now, along with her assistant - resident kitty Sophie, who has taught me how much better things are living inside with a human!


My favourite activities include:

·   Eating – I love my food!

·   Playing with toys & my friend Sophie

·   TV time watching my stories

·   Pats, purring & nap time – preferably cuddled up next to my friend Sophie - when she lets me!


Things I’m not so keen on are:

·   The mini humans – they can be a bit scary, but the medium size ones seem to be ok!

·   The Big scary Woofers – I saw one outside the window and I think he wants to eat me… 

·   The Vacuum!! That thing terrifies me, but my foster mum says when I grow up I’ll be bigger than he is and it won’t be so scary.


I really hope I can find a new forever home and family to love, maybe also with another kitty for me to make friends with - because I really love to play & cuddle! My foster mum says I need to be an indoor kitty, unless my new family can give me a safe kitty courtyard – just like my friend Sophie has, so that I can’t go wandering and get beaten up by big scary kitty’s or Woofers!

Medical Notes:

Klaus's adopters will be sent a sterilisation voucher to redeem at one of our partner vet clinics once he is old enough to be sterilised.

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