Foster a pet with WAPP.

WA Pet Project is a registered, not-for-profit, incorporated organisation in Western Australia. We are 100% volunteer operated and foster-care based. What does that mean exactly? It means that we do not have a premises, kennels or catteries to house all our beautiful rescue animals. All of our animals live in loving foster homes throughout the Perth metro area until they are adopted by their forever families. Foster homes enable us to make a difference to animals by providing a safe environment quite often a foster home can mean the difference between life or death for an animal. 

Our foster carers play a vital role in WAPP's work we cannot do what we do without our Carers. The purpose of foster care is to give a temporary home to animals who otherwise wouldn't have one or are at risk of euthanasia. Some pets may be surrendered from private home situations, others may come direct from a vet clinic or pound. Foster carers provide a home, food and training for our rescues. They are instrumental in identifying our foster pet's temperament, abilities and personality as they care for them. 

We've found that animals in foster care are much more relaxed, happy and we are better able to assess their personalities and needs. This means that when it comes to adoption, we can match them with the most suitable home because we know what they're like at their most relaxed thanks to the information provided by our wonderful carers! For more information on how we evaluate our adopters, head to our Adoption Process page.‹

We provide support throughout the term of your foster, will pay for medical treatment at our partner vet clinics and provide flea and worm treatments. We have generous friends who donate pet food, kitty litter, toys and other pet related items that we share between all our carers when they are available, however, this isn't always the case and most carers will usually provide the standard things like food and litter themselves.

You need a secure property for dogs - no gaps in the fencing. And the feline species need to be kept strictly inside for their own safety and protection. A secure cat run is always a big hit with our pampered fosters! Ideally you'll also be able to commit to vet trips for routine sterilisation, microchipping and vaccinations or emergencies. 

Foster caring is, simply put, awesome! You get to see personalities shine, new tricks learned, and sometimes even fears overcome. WA Pet Project is very committed to making this experience as fun and rewarding as possible for you and your family. We have a whole team of experienced members on board to help you with all sorts of things like dog training, behaviour advice and health advice. We will also never place an animal into your care if you do not feel comfortable.‹

It is important to be patient, stable and realistic about what fostering is the length of time an animal may be in foster care is unknown. It is truly the most rewarding experience and the team will be with you on every step of your foster care journey, helping you save lives! ‹

To sign up, complete our foster carer form below. Our foster carer agreement, privacy policy, social media policy, and code of conduct are available to read.

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