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About Me:

Introducing Jafa!


Jafa is a happy girl who just loves to hang out with her humans. She's not keen on being picked up, Jafa does love to be next to you on the couch and receive pats.


Jafa does not like children or other cats and, therefore, will not be placed in a home with them. She has been fine with a small/medium dog in her past home and should be fine living with a cat-friendly dog who will not chase her given a proper introduction.

Being an exotic short hair, Jafa has a sweet smooshy face but this means she will require health and cleaning maintenance for her nose and breathing. She also will require regular brushing. Any family will need to be able to commit to veterinary costs that will arise from her brachy breeding.

Jafa's adoption fee is $300.

Medical Notes:

Due to her breeding as an exotic short hair, Jafa will require regular health checks at an experienced cat vet as well as at home cleaning of her eyes and nose for her breathing. She will also require regular grooming and brushing as her flat face prevents her from cleaning herself properly.

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