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Introducing Jaegar and J'Adore!

These siblings were brought into care at a very young age and required bottle feeding from their dedicated foster carer. Jaegar and J'Adore are heavily reliant on humans as they know no different. They love to be with you all the time and have to see, touch and smell things you are doing. They like to taste test human food so please google safe human foods for cats first!

Jaegar is a sensitive, very gentle and sometimes shy boy. He gets startled easily by noises and needs to be reassured. He loves nothing more than being around you and being cuddled. He will get distressed and cry out if he can't see his sister, J'Adore. He will make you laugh at some of his funny antics - one being poking his tongue out!

J'Adore is the baby of the family, she loves to be cuddled and will touch your mouth with her nose - this is her way of givin you a kiss! J'Adore still kneads with her claws out and will try to suckle on your clothing. She is the same as her brother Jaegar in being sensitive and gentle, however, is the more confident of the two. J'Adore will also cry out if she cannot see Jaegar or if she is alone.

This gorgeous and adorable, brother and sister duo would love to be the only fur kids of a quiet and gentle family. If you are empty nesters or a childless couple who want furkids that are like small children then these two are for you!

Medical Notes:

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