Stealing a kiss from Harvey. Now adopted :) 

Location: Alexander Heights

Hi everyone!


I'm the Founder and President here at WA Pet Project. I began my journey in the wonderful world of rescue walking dogs at the RSPCA WA. We didn't have pets (I quickly remedied that) so I spent a lot of my free time loving on the kennel pooches. Fast forward about 7 years and now I'm fostering mainly dogs, despite my pics I rarely have kitties! I tend to attract special needs fosters.... Did you hear about Jakk, the little pup dumped in a skip bin? I was his Mummy, he sadly passed on the 8th of August this year. 


I began fostering pets so my Dibley had company during the day.... Well didn't that escalate! My Dibs is the best foster Mum to every foster babe we bring home. She's equal parts playful and strict Mum to the foster kids. Dibs teaches them all important manners and the art of the 'can I pleaseeee have that last bite, I'm starving' stare.  


Now I foster pets in need because I luckily can. We have space, two patient dogs and without sounding too cheesy I really believe this is my calling. I have a lot of love and devotion to give to pets and one of the most direct ways I can contribute to their happily ever afters is by taking them in until we find their new homes. Its the most rewarding experience. Watching a scared and timid pet transform is priceless.


Items I always need:

- Divetelact handraising formula

- Paper Towels

- New toys

- Various collars and leads

- Puppy pee pads

- Good quality dog food


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