We are big believers in ‘it all adds up’. There are lots of ways you can contribute to saving a life. It might be by sharing an urgent case on social media, or by helping out at a fundraising event. If you are able to donate towards our veterinary bills, that is also very much appreciated. Vet bills are the biggest cost we see here at WA Pet Project. We provide all our pets in care with standard microchip, vaccination and sterilisation however there are always extras that pop up. An ear infection, an allergy, maybe even an emergency trip the vet. 


Our bank details are as follows:



WA Pet Project

BSB 302 162

# 0910 851 

You can also help by donating goodies for the pets in our care!


  • Dog, and cat food is always needed. We have pups, kittens and adult pets in care that need nutritionally balanced, quality pet food. We love Blackhawk, Advance and Nutro pet foods. Treats are also gobbled up!

  • Kitty litter and litter trays. Cats love a clean litter tray! Often there are great sales on litter, our favourites are the clumping clay variety.

  • Toys. Most of our carers have multiple fosters and so toys are often needing to be replaced. Cats love balls with bells and cat nip toys or even tunnels. Dogs love plush toys with squeakers, kong type treat toys and other chew toys are great for our teething pups.

  • Collars and leads. We need all sizes of cat and dog collars! Especially dog collars suitable for puppies and medium sized dogs. Harnesses also come in handy for when our pets are being chauffeured around town.

  • Flea and worming treatment. All sizes, but especially kitten and puppy and dogs under 30kgs.

  • Canesten Hygiene Laundry Rinse. This can be found with laundry detergents at your local Woolworths or Coles. This rinse is great for our carer's with young kittens and pups, or even multiple fosters, to ensure bedding is clean and germ free.

  • Paper towels. Puppy carers go through a heap of paper towels when toilet training!

  • If you have anything else, such as bedding or bowls, we will never say no!


Please email and we will let you know the closest donation point for your very kind donation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


If you can't adopt - foster.

If you can't foster - sponsor.

If you can't sponsor - volunteer.

If you can't volunteer - donate.

If you can't donate - educate, network, and crosspost.

Everyone can do something.

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