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About Me:

Hey, I’m Angel! I’m fetching, feisty feline on a family-finding mission!


Beautiful in the prettiest of ginger shades, don’t let my dainty appearance fool you! I’ve got plenty of spunk and energy! More than capable of keeping up with my energetic brother and young children (and maybe even giving them a run for their money!), I’m a prettiest awesome player!


I love a good chit chat and love to call to my humans for a pat and a scratch. Animal friends take a little while for me to warm up to, but once we’ve established my role as boss things are usually okay. I’m eager for attention, affection and adoration. You want to tell me how great I am? That sounds fine by me! Please also have a cat run to protect my fine features from the Aussie sun, or be prepared to keep me indoors.


Running, playing and testing my strengths, this world seems incredible so far and I bet you are too! I can’t wait to come home and find out for sure!

Medical Notes:

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