Jakk passed away on the 8th of August 2017, at 16 months of age. Unfortunately he injured one of his two good legs and despite seeing multiple vets, surgery simply wasn't an option. ‹

Jakk was happiness, joy and all things good in this world. His death has left us devastated but we'd like everyone to remember his determination and his happiness.. We're forever going to share his beautiful face and talk about his funny ways. 

This is his story. 

Jakk is the newborn pup found in a skip bin who captured the hearts of thousands and united people all over the world. He was only a few days old when he was found in a skip bin on the 5th of April 2016, in Baldivis, Western Australia. His umbilical cord had only just fallen off and his belly button hadn't properly healed over. It's believed he was dumped in the trash due to his deformed front legs. He is often likened to a T-Rex and Kangaroo, and from his photos you'll see just why.  

Jakk's first few weeks were spent receiving round the clock care from Edith, our President. He needed bottle feeding and help toileting as well as of course lots of cuddles and love. He got that in bucket loads, especially as the well wishes and donations flooded in from our kind and generous community.  

Due to Jakk's funny front legs, he has been a regular at specialists around Perth. We have worked with vet clinics around Perth to try and determine the best course of action and with the help of Dr Mark Newman from Murdoch University, we are all very hopeful that at least one of his front legs can have surgical intervention to achieve better function. To see Dr Mark's full report and Jakk's X-rays, click here. 

Jakk's wheelchair (sponsored by the generous team at SavourLife) has arrived from Eddie's Wheels in the US! It took us weeks of trying to get the perfect measurements... You see his disability hasn't stopped him in the slightest! He's a very energetic and VERY happy puppy! Jakk gets onto the couch unassisted, he's also often found snoozing on the bed! Although his front legs are deformed, Jakk eats and drinks fine, he also gets the zoomies and is exactly the same as every other puppy Edith has raised. ‹

As part of Jakk's care and rehab he has been seeing Julie from Wellness Centre for Dogs and their Humans since he was only a week old. We have also begun hydrotherapy with Carmel from Active Pets Rehabilitation. To see Jakk in action click here.  

Big thank you to Jade, Sam, Sarah and family for looking out for this muffin.‹

Photos below thanks to our friends at Houndstooth Studio. 

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